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At the Country Dentist we want to help you achieve a beautiful smile. We will offer you the full range of options available to help you achieve your goals.


Crowns frequently offer the best restorative option when either a large amount of the natural tooth structure is missing or the tooth is unsightly. Crowns are made of very hard ceramic material which is often much stronger than regular tooth structure and can be made to mimic the natural appearance of your teeth whilst the protecting your remaining tooth structure. Heavily filled molars can benefit from the protection afforded by a crown as they are subjected to a lot of chewing forces. Many people who had the old-style amalgam fillings placed when they were young have experienced losing pieces of their molar teeth as cracks propagated slowly within the tooth. A crown is particularly beneficial in teeth such as these, but can also be used to improve the appearance and function of anterior teeth.


Bridges can be used when one to two adjacent teeth are missing and the teeth on either side of the space are sound enough to support crowns. The two teeth can then be joined together by a bridge which is basically a row of 3-4 crowns joined together to replace the missing teeth or tooth. The crowns replacing the missing teeth are called “pontics”, while the crowns on the supporting teeth are called “abutments”. In some special circumstances only one abutment is required. This is called a “cantilever” bridge.


Veneers are often the best cosmetic option for damaged or unsightly front teeth, and can be used to produce a very beautiful natural result.

Veneers are made of ceramic material in a laboratory or of composite resin adhered directly by the dentist whilst the patient is in the chair. Ceramic veneers, although more expensive often give a superior, long-lasting result. The downside of porcelain veneers is that some teeth may require the removal of a small amount of tooth structure to afford the ideal result.

Composite resin direct veneers have the advantage of being more affordable, easily modified, and can be placed directly on the tooth within the one appointment, although over time they are more prone to colour deterioration.


Implants are considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for replacing missing teeth. An implant consists of a commercially pure titanium screw attached to the jaw bone with a special surface treatment to encourage bone cells (osteocytes) to grow on the surface creating a very strong bond.  Once the screw has integrated, which usually takes from three to six months a restoration may be anchored on the screw to replace the missing teeth. The type of restoration can be anything from the replacement of one tooth to an entire arch of teeth supported by the from three to six implants. A successful implant result is heavily reliant on the supporting bone and gum tissue. Your dentist will be able to advise you regarding your suitability for implant treatment. The range of restorative options is very broad and your dentist will be able to advise you of the best options to suit your ne

At The Country Dentist we are happy to discuss with you the full range of restorative options to help you determine a treatment plan that meets your goals and your budget.

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