Interest Free Payment Plan

Great News

Finally, a dental payment plan that is Interest Free

National Dental Plan (NDP) is Australia’s only No Interest Ever! dental payment plan

NDP lets you go ahead with work on your teeth and simply pay overtime Interest Free


No Interest Ever!

National Dental Plan is a convenient way for you to pay for your treatment over time. Best of all you never pay interest on the amount you owe.

Up to $9,000 made available

National Dental Plan gives you up to $9,000 to spend on treatments and products.

Simple application process

National Dental Plan’s application process is simple and efficient and only takes a few minutes to complete. You need a bank account or credit card we can debit payments from.

The basic criteria

  • You must be over 18+ years, Australian citizen/permanent resident with a driver’s licence.
  • Employed/ Self-employed 30+ hrs/week or an Aged or Veteran Pensioner.

Patient fees

The patient fee structure is very simple. You pay an establishment fee to set up the account, fortnightly payment processing fees and a monthly account keeping fee. The establishment fee and payment processing fees are spread over the term of the payment plan. Plus you can make additional payments or pay out the plan out early with no fees or penalties.

  • Once off establishment fee of $70
  • Fortnightly Payment Processing fee $2.95 + Monthly Account Keeping $3.50

Easy to understand

NDP is easy to understand and there are no hidden costs. We can actually include the NDP Payment Plan option at the bottom of your treatment plan so you can easily see the payments you would need to make.

Reputable provider

National Dental Plan powered by Certegy Ezi- Pay is in partnership with Centaur Software, owner of Dental4Windows. Certegy Ezi-Pay is Australia’s largest payment plan provider. Part of Flexigroup,Certegy Ezi-Pay has provided over $5.5 Billion in Australian payment plans to 1.5 million Australians through a network of 16,000+ retail locations.

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